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Dec 03 / 17
Ways to De-stress at Work
Stress is inevitable; it happens to the best of us. Numerous studies have shown that job stress is the most major source of stress for American adults.
Nothing good can come from entire organizations being stressed from 9-5, right? Of course not. That’s why we’ve put together a few helpful tips to help you de-stress at the office.
Organize your week
One of our favorite organizational tools is a website called Trello.com. With this website, all members of a department (or entire organization) can list out their tasks for a given week, and share these lists with their co-workers.  You can drag and drop the cards with each individual task to different titled columns (currently working on, completed, etc.) to show where you are in regards to completing projects and on-going tasks. This can help take away the feeling of being overwhelmingly unorganized, and help bring some structure to your organizational process.
Take breaks!
Take a walk on your lunch break. Take time to stand up and walk around if you are sitting for a majority of your day. Take some time to catch up with a co-worker. Taking breaks can lead to general increases in productivity during the day, and can help your overall mood. This can eliminate stress and allow your brain to refresh and rejuvenate.
Finish the tough stuff first
Procrastination is hard to overcome, but you will feel much less stress if you finish your most difficult projects first. Leaving these types of tasks until the last minute can create even more stress for you. Finish those tough projects well before your deadlines, and reward yourself when you do. I promise, you’ll end up feeling much more relieved when you can check those projects off your to-do list. Not to mention…stress-free!
Create a worry list
If you still are having anxiety over work issues, create a worry list! Write down all of the things that you are anxious about, and figure out two or three ways you believe that you could tackle these problems. Make sure to write those down, too. Writing these things down will help you sort your thoughts and create a tangible action plan. 
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