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Aug 10 / 17
Shaping Your Resume
Your resume is an online representation of your skills and experience. Here are some tips for creating a successful resume that can go to work for you.
Understand the Job Position
 • Hiring Managers are looking to fill a specific need in their company. 
 • Read the job listing in detail and determine how you fit the skillset.  
 • Look at what keywords the job post is emphasizing as crucial for the role. 
Be the Solution
 • Demonstrate how you can be the answer to the Hiring Manager’s hiring needs.
 • Adapt your resume to the position your applying for.
 • Make sure to repeat keywords from the job post in your resume. 
Put your information at the top
 • Make sure your contact information is up to date and easily distinguishable.
 • Put every method that employers can reach you about interviews with at the top.
 • Add your LinkedIn web address to your contact info
Remove Yourself
 • Remove all personal pronouns from your resume to keep the focus on your skills and experience.
 • Everyone knows that the information on your resume is about you.
Start with a Summary
 • Start with a Brief paragraph or bullet-ed list presenting you as a worker.
 • Keep it short but include your strongest skills and why you are the right candidate for the position.
 • This is what recruiters and hiring managers see first.  
Everything Bullets
 • When listing your skill set and work experience, keep it short and concise.
 • Use bullet-ed lists instead of long sentences.
 • Incorporate keywords from the job listing into your description of your skills.
 • List the higher priority skills and experiences on top.
 • Start each bullet point with an action verb. This helps make your resume more interesting.
 • Make sure that all bullets and sub bullets are consistent through out your resume.
Listing  Your Work History 
 • List your work experience in chronological order with the most recent work experience first.
 • List what you accomplished for your previous jobs, not what was required of your position.
 • Try to keep your resume to one page in length.
 • Only have relevant job experience to the position you are applying for.  
Quantifying Your Experience!
 • Employers will be looking for quantifiable statistics to show your success.
 • Highlight the impact of your accomplishments by showcasing the data/stats behind each action.
 • Add your education after work experience - make sure to list the years you were enrolled.
 • You can list the coursework you have done that is relevant to the job. 
Don’t Sabotage Yourself - A resume with mistakes shows laziness. 
 • Always Spell/Grammar Check
 • Make sure your resume reads like an account of your accomplishments
 • Avoid cliché statements and do not put in unnecessary information
 • Make sure the tone of your writing is professional.
Resume Pitfalls
 • Make sure to use keywords from the job posting.
 • Remove all unnecessary information to reduce clutter.
 • Do not send out the same resume and cover letter to every open position.
 • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date. 
Need help building a resume? IQ Resource Group has several resume templates available online through their Website Resume Builder along with tips on how to get started. Start here.
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