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Sep 08 / 17
Before You Accept the Job Offer
Getting a job offer is an exciting time where your hard work in the interview process is rewarded with a new opportunity. Before you agree to start ask your interviewer or hiring manager these questions to help you get a better understanding of how you will fit into your new workplace. 
What are the working hours? What are your expectations in terms of arrival and departure times?
What are your expectations around reaching me after hours? I normally respond to emergency email messages and texts, and I check both infrequently on the weekends. Does that work for you?
What are the rules and/or norms here about taking time off? How do vacation, personal and sick time work? What about occasional hours I might need for a doctor’s appointment or something else?
What are your norms for working at home, especially when the weather is bad or I’m not feeling well but not sick enough to take a sick day?
What about flexible hours?
Who are my internal clients, and what are the expectations around my interactions with them? How can I communicate my off-hours availability to those folks?
Who will be evaluating my performance in this role? What are the evaluation criteria?
Tell me about my most important internal clients and other contacts. What do I need to know about working with each of them — their particular requirements, quirks, communication styles, etc?
What do you think will be the most challenging part of the role? What is your advice for surmounting that hurdle?
What else do I need to know about the culture, the management team and the company?
What type of opportunities exists for personal and professional growth?
What kind of personality is most likely to flourish in this company’s culture?
What is the pay period? Every week, every two weeks, etc.?
Asking these questions should provide a deeper level of knowledge about the inner workings of your new job opportunity and hopefully give you a bit more clarity for your decision.  
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