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Flexo Operator
Starting Salary Range:
Job Location(s):
Neenah, WI
Start Date:
Hours per week:
Work Hours:
1st and 2nd Shift
1 & 2nd (occasional rotation)
1 shift: M-F 6a-2p
2nd shift: M-Th 2p-midnight
Principal Accountabilities  
1.      Utilize information from a job jacket and set up a flexo press according to product specification (s), while adhering to any special instructions as indicated.  
2.      Determine most efficient job organization considering press set-up and shipping dates.  
3.      Keep track of production time, waste and any problems affecting the expediency of any given job.  
4.     Prior to running a job, complete a checklist (OK) and provide a sample of the product to be run matching certain colors, alignment and print quality, fulfilling the customer's and company's quality standards.  
5.      Perform a packing function; place tags/labels into properly identified boxes as they come off the press or wind onto rolls for the rewinders, while continually monitoring press operations to assure for proper processing and quality.  
6.      Maintain product quality via ink, press, die, variable equipment and plate adjustments.  
7.      After job is completed, clean printing plates and return them to Lockup.
8.      Occasionally perform prepress functions; mount printing plates, mix ink on related runs according to job specification (s).  
9.      Work with variable speed machine containing rotating and cutting components where common sense and safety consciousness must be maintained.  
10.    Maintain cleanliness of work area and perform other job related duties as requested.     
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required:  
1.      Knowledge of general mathematics; working with number sequence processing.  
2.      Ability to communicate verbally and in writing, in a clear and concise manner.
3.      Ability to display good eye and hand coordination and finger dexterity.
4.      Ability to evaluate color comparisons to match specifications.  
5.      Ability to utilize a ruler.  
6.      Ability to maintain concentration as visual alertness is a continuous requirement.  
7.      Sufficient mechanical ability to independently set-up and maintain flexo press operations.
8.      Attention to detail a must.  
9.      Basic computer skill ability.  
10.   Ability to work with others in a team environment and independently.  
11.    Ability to lift up to 70 lbs.    
Working Conditions   Contact with inks & solvents require safety goggles and gloves when working directly with either. Prolonged periods of standing is required. Safety shoes are optional (show allowance offered). Varying degrees of bending and lifting up to 70 lbs. Working with supplied computer programs for variable inkjet orders. Plant is air conditioned.
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