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Starting Salary Range:
Job Location(s):
Stevens Point, WI
Start Date:
Hours per week:
Work Hours:
1st and 2nd Shifts
Major/Essential Functions ((List the major duties and responsibilities of this position, in order of importance. Be brief but include all important duties.  Indicate the total percentage of time spent in a typical work cycle (day, week, month, year) rounded to the nearest 5% for each area of responsibility (total should not exceed 100%))               
Pick and remove foreign material (wood, stems, clusters, stones, animals, etc..) and bean quality defects (unsnipped, blemish, calyx, and stems).  
Sorting Priority:  
1.)     Natural defects (mouse, insect, etc.)  
2.)     Extraneous Vegetative Material (EVM) or Foreign Material (FM)  
3.)     Blemished Beans  
4.)     Broken or ragged cut beans                       
Incidental Functions (If not done, the primary purpose of the job would not be significantly or functionally altered. Example: Keep work area clean & organized)             
·            Maintain a clean work including a clean platform, free of bean stems and trash.
·            Rotate work positions on a regular basis per schedule to assist in health prevention and efficiency
·            Keep your eyes open for equipment malfunction and report to your supervisor
·            Notify supervisor or crew leader immediately if FM is found while sorting inside the plant.
·            Assist as requested with the training of new employees  
                Experience and Education Required [Statements regarding minimum educational and experience requirements)
·         No prior manufacturing experience necessary.
·         No educational requirements                  
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Statements of required proficiencies with Specialized Knowledge, Initiative and/or Ingenuity required, Computer skills, Mental and/or Visual capabilities required)
General Sorting
·       Ability to maintain a work pace appropriate to a given work load
.       Work cooperatively with co-workers.
·       While utilizing both upper extremities, use one hand to move through the product as needed and then use both hands in a pick/place motion, removing defects.
·         Sit or stand 100% of a shift (foot rests available).
·         Close visual acuity necessary for accurate work (provided a 10 min. break/hr). Gross Inspection only
·         Seldom, but may be need to lift, carry, and empty partially filled pails of beans weighing 10-20#’s. Root Crop and Gross Inspection only
·         Ability to walk on or maneuver around uneven floor surfaces
·         Length of Training Time Required (Provide the normal length of time usually required by an average individual with the base experience & education required to learn the job duties involved  & perform the work and attain quality standards. Include time spent on prep or related work as well)
·         1 day of on the job training.                  
Responsibility of Position (Statements of Equipment or Processes, Handling of Material or Product, Impact on Safety of Others, Direct and/or impact of the Work of Others)
·          This position does not have anyone reporting to it.
·          Failure to perform this task can result in reduced product quality and increase work load for sorters downstream.   Safety Instructions - General
·         Use caution on slippery floors and wet platforms.  Always walk - hurrying or running will cause ACCIDENTS ·         Use handrails when climbing and descending stairways.
·         Absolutely NO horse-playing.  Avoid distracting others.
·         Always KEEP HANDS AWAY from moving parts and pinch points.
·         Use caution when walking under equipment or when climbing stairways in an effort to avoid head injuries. ·         Walk only in designated walkways, DON’T take short cuts.  Never run.
·         Understand and obey all plant safety training, rules, signs and policies. Ask if you do not know how to safely perform a task.
·         Use proper lifting practices.  When lifting bend your knees.  Use your legs, not your back. Get help with heavy or oversized loads.
·         Monitor forklift traffic in the work area to ensure personal safety.
·         Operate machinery properly.  Don’t climb on machinery.  Use machinery only if proper guards are in place. ·         Report any electrical or mechanical malfunctions immediately to your Crew Leader or Supervisor.
·         Always wear appropriate PPE for the job: bump cap, eye protection, and hearing protection.
·         Understand and use the LOCKOUT/TAGOUT POLICY at all times.
·         Keep all hoses, brooms, squeegees, etc. picked up. Do not leave them laying on stairs or walkways.
·         Report all injuries immediately to your supervisor no matter how minor.  Get first aid treatment if necessary. ·         Correct or report unsafe conditions and unsafe behavior.
·         Keep the work area and property clean and orderly.
·         Use the right tool/equipment for the job.
·         Employees are not allowed to remove gutter grates, unless otherwise instructed by their immediate supervisor.
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