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Starting Salary Range:
Job Location(s):
Manitowoc, WI
Start Date:
Hours per week:
Work Hours:
All Shifts
  • Clean up of fire or water damage. 
  • Prep the area for construction.   
  • Oversee that the employee shop, vehicles, and product duty lists are followed and enforced daily. It is extremely important our company displays a neat and orderly appearance at all times.  
  • All files are updated daily with jobs coordinator so that nothing is overlooked.
  • Necessary notes are put in the files daily on all correspondence with the customers and adjusters.  
  • Attend 100% of all training meetings and actively participate.  
  • Manage yourself and the crew in an orderly manner as witnessed by not leaving items on the job or not forgetting items necessary to complete the daily job assignments.  
  • Maintain a positive professional attitude with customers and fellow workers.  
  • Report any damage done to customer’s/company’s property immediately to customer and owners.
  • Ensure that the breakage is repaired or replaced within one week.
  • Appropriate form is filled out and turned in to file and copies to owners.  
  • Demonstrate to all customers, fellow employees, and others a sincere concern and interest in each customer and in the services provided to each customer.
  • (S)he is expected to maintain a positive attitude while resolving production, mechanical, and scheduling difficulties that may be encountered from time to time.  
  • Learns the 5 P’s (paperwork, pricing, products, procedures, policies)     
  • Has the phone on ones body at all times;  must have an IPhone – personal will be reimbursed $40.00 if you do not have a IPhone company will provide one.  On Call – 24/7 – working with a team and if you cannot help with on call let your crew manager know.  Note if you use your own personal phone and DO NOT help with on call you will not be reimbursed the $40.00.  Possible on call after 30 days with pay of 1.5 of hourly wages.  
  • Adheres to the schedule assigned and is flexible to change.  
  • Reads and responds to email/tasks everyday.  
  • Strives to become a Production Crew Chief.     
1. Review job assignments for the day on all jobs involving your department. Discuss with the Crew Chief the particular jobs you will be performing and how many units you have to complete each job in.  
2. All daily log sheets for every job are reviewed by both you and your Crew Chief, filled out correctly, and initialed by both of you.  
3. Make an inspection of the jobs with the customer to avoid misunderstandings or any missed areas/equipment.   C)
1. Proper cleaning techniques and appropriate cleaning products and their correct dilution rates are used at all times. A proper workstation is established in all homes at all times (i.e., towels, buckets, measuring cups, stirrers, cleaning products, brushes, etc).  
2. Crew Technicians completely understand their day’s duties and carry them out and deal with the homeowner and insurance adjuster properly and respectfully.  
3. Direct and lend his assistance to his/her Crew Chief, including training to specifications. Perform assigned tasks in a motivated and conscientious manner. Assigned tasks will be inspected by the Crew Chief. When cleaning tasks are not directly supervised, the Crew Technician will perform the task to the complete satisfaction of the Crew Chief.    
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